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Worship is part of Praise Community's vision

Christian worship is the highest expression of the human spirit, which expresses itself in a full-life response to God as God. We will directly express our awe and love to God. At Praise Community, we long to fulfill God's calling to worship Him with our whole being. This encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.  We have gathered for you Scriptures that enumerate Biblical ways to worship God.  You may witness people utilizing one or more of these worship styles. We need to remember to place Scriptural principles above our own personal preferences. God is looking for us to have passion for Him as He does for us.




The word 'worship' is in part a transliteration of "worth-ship".  Worshipping the Lord is a physical overflowing of our allegiance and fidelity to Him, more than anyone on earth.  The context of corporate worship can be a time for us to demonstrate that loyalty and love.





 Worship, as a demonstration of our love for God, is an act of affection and occurs as a direct response of God's loving us. Worship affirms the reality that God is my God, and the goal of worship is to build a personal relationship with Him (to connect with and be close with God on a personal level).  Worship pronounces that God is the only audience that matters (it is not a performance).


Scriptural references:

Clapping: Psalms 47:1
Giving Thanks: Psalms 92:1, Psalms 95:2
Music: Chronicles 13:8, 1 Chronicles 15:28
Singing:  Ezra 3:11, Psalms 149:1, Colossians 3:16


Dancing:  2 Samuel 6:14 , Psalms 149:3
Lifting Up of Hands: Lamentations 3:41
Shouting:  Psalms 98:4 , Psalms 100:1
Banners:  Psalms 20:5